Plan 4OUR


Available NOW! Plan 4OUR

  • 4 weeks of workouts
  • 4 weeks of Nutrition
  • 4 Days of Movement Each Week
  • A chance to CHANGE your perspective in JUST 4 MINUTES A DAY!

LEVEL: Beginners to advanced, you can modify all the workout moves and progress by dumbbell weights.

4 weeks, 4 days a week for JUST 4 minutes a day!

Why is the program called Plan 4OUR?

This structured approach was developed by Japanese scientist Dr.
Izumi Tabata, whose research aimed to maximize cardiovascular and
metabolic benefits in a time-efficient manner.

I decided to shift this structured approach with my own style of training to build PLAN 4OUR.

  • On the fourth day of each week we step it up a notch with 4
    strength training workouts thrown into the mix.
    The protocol for this workout is really easy: 20 seconds of
    maximum effort, followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8
    times (for a total of 4 minutes).
  • Depending on the goal, depends on
    the resting 10 second period.
  • If you are doing just the 4 minuets a
    day, YOU ARE WORKING those 4 min strait!
  • On Day 4 of each week, the key is going hard enough in the 20
    second effort, and then as easy as possible for the 10 seconds of
  • Tabata is type of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), all ages from teen to even 60+ can implement safely with just 4 min a day.


This is all you need! OUR Bodies are OUR only place to live.

It is OUR Most prize possession.

OWN IT while adapting a resilient mindset by showing up for 4 minutes, with me each day!